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Paging System industrial

Paging System industrial

model: PA3

We can provide different types of paging system, IP version, analog version, etc. We can customize system according to different application scenarios, such as campus, industry, factory, hospital, etc.

industrial paging system description

Industrial Paging System PA3

We can provide free paging system design for university campus, restaurant, hospitallibrary, production line, nuclear power station tunnel, etc.We can provide different systems in a targeted way. We can also provide overhead loudspeakers, column loudspeakers, amplifiers, phone paging amplifiers and emergency intercom systems.


The paging system is a communication system based on communication technology that communicates with the public through speakers. Through the system, you can quickly and accurately publish announcements and notifications to multiple areas.The system permits for unidirectional communication to an outsized audience. notwithstanding the published supply, a unidirectional paging system lets the speaker give clear, amplified directions throughout a facility. The paging worker speaks a message into a phonephone which message is then broadcast through a network of speakers. Messages may be recorded and broadcast at a later time.


Five blessings Of Paging Systems


There square measure variety of benefits to employing a unidirectional paging system versus different suggests that of mass communication:

Signal transmission relies on stable networks

A paging system is hard-wired into the building's infrastructure, permitting reliable mass communication.

A network of speakers make sure that a message is communicated to each space of a building at the same time. it is also potential to send pages to specific building "zones" if required.

Another key good thing about a paging system is that no dedicated broadcast mechanism is needed. AN worker will merely acquire the phone, choose the paging system and broadcast to the complete building.

A loop is a communication link that can be used normally even if a line is broken


Some Common Use Cases For Paging Systems

Paging systems is accustomed send a spread of messages. the foremost common example of a paging system is fast communication between staff in an exceedingly retail setting. A emporium cashier will request help from another department to answer a client question. When the production workshop needs other departments to make the page.

One of the most important USES of paging is to give correct instructions to staff in emergency situations.We provide the paging system for colleges and universities, we provide different types of loudspeakers, paging instruments and speakers, amplifiers, microphones, mixers and so on for convenient use in different scenes. Our voip paging system also provides capabilities to provide emergency paging systems.

Industrial Multi-Party Paging System can be broadcast over a loudspeaker as well as two or more people.Using the system to start a multiparty call or broadcast, the operator picks up the receiver from the stand at the station, presses the pish-to-page button next to the receiver and speaks with the microphone.Phones at all other stations will ring and answer automatically. Other users can pick up the phone and join the conversation. The system is able to communicate without crosstalk and without interference. When the call is over, you just hang up.

The paging system is a comprehensive industrial paging system designed for large voip industrial telephones and broadcast amplifiers in large public places such as hospitals, hotels, warehouses, and schools.

1.1 System Features
The “Multi-Party Talk” Paging system PA3 is designed for communication in industrial environments.
      A: It is suitable for high noise, corrosive atmospheres, hazardous areas and extremes of temperature, dust and humidity create hostile environments.
      B: The “Multi-Party Talk” system have two operations: the first one is group calling through pick-up handset and pressing one button to auto-dial; The other one is two-way private intercom in one line or more two-way groups calling and can                be allowed up to 99 persons communication at most.
      C: The system also can be connected to external network, and the extension can call other phones outside of the network.
      1. To initiate communication or broadcast over the system to all other station,the operator at one of the station lifts the handset from the cradle, presses to call and speak to all the other party.
      2. All the stations rings and auto-answers. All the other user at all other station can joins the conversation by lifts the handset and speaking into the handset. The system allows all party simultaneous conversation without cross-talk or                         interference. After conversation each station will auto off to release the line.
     3. To initiate communication or broadcast to one of the other station, the operator at one of the station lifts the handset from the cradle, presses ID number (extension number) which you want to call, and speak to them.After conversation                   each station will auto off to release the line.

1.2 system composition
           It is comprised of wall mount telephone station, desk telephone station, IIC explosion proof user telephone, outline telephone station,unidirectional broadcast telephone station, line equalizer,communication cable, AC 220V powered, etc.
1.3 System Power Supply AC 220V centralized power.

1.4 Telephone station type Indoor wall mount telephone station outdoor wall mount telephone station desk telephone station, IIC explosion proof user telephone, outline telephone station, unidirectional broadcast telephone station.

1.5 Telephone station Capacity Telephone station Capacity system: 2 99.

1.6 Transmission distance
           Systems for the effective transmission distance: 26Km .

     + Hand in hand cable connection to save cable
     + Two-way, all-party communication
     + Wall mount, desktop, models
     + Indoor, outdoor and hazardous location models
     + Center power supply (all in one) available in 110VAC~ 230VAC within
      Distance Maximum to 7KM within 30 extensions
     + If over 30 extensions and over 7KM, each station need AC power supply
      110VAC~ 230VAC
     + Automatic broadcasting with 8W loud speaker
       Analogue system auto answer and auto stop
     + Self healthy check
     + LCD display for caller ID and the dialing number.
     + Last number repeat dial
     + ID number programmable
     + 2 speed dialing keys


Chapter 2 Technical characteristics
2.1 Using Environmental conditions
    + Environment temperature -30℃ +70℃ (outside wall mounting telephone station)
    + -10℃ +35℃ (inside desk mounting telephone station)
    + Relative humidity ≤90
    + Environmental noise ≤110dB (outside wall mounting telephone station)
    + Barometric pressure 70Kpa 106Kpa
2.2 Main Features
Broadcasting Feature
      There are 3 to 6 channel. After pick up the hook;
           1.press L1 +outline number:calling out ling。
           2.press L2 or L3, press #+ID number: single calling(calling by one to one).
           3. Press L2 or L3, press #+99999: whole calling.
           4. Press L2 or L3, press #+ group number: group calling
           5. Press L2 or L3, press speed dial number at least three second. When hear the dial tone can release the button.Open broadcast system function to make a broadcast call,
2.2.1 Duplex call
      After the called user pick up the hook. Caller can make a duplex calling through the handle microphone or press the hands-free button.
2.2.2 Channel switching
      After the called user pick up the hook. Caller can make a duplex calling through the handle microphone.
2.2.3 Channel switching
      Rotary Switches operate 3 6 communication channel selection.
2.2.4 Boardcasting mute setting
      Maintainer can setting the call volume via the mute switch on the motherboard;
2.2.5 Using PSTN to make outline telephone communication
      Outline user can make a boardcasting calling and communication via outline telephone station to PSTN.
2.2.6 Expansion easy to use
       Each station works independently. All the telephone station work via 8-14 core cable in parallel. If any one station failure does not affect the normal operation of other user stations. Users can according demand to expand station or                     relocation. It’s unlimited.
2.3 The Main Index
2.3.1 Working power supply
         Power voltage:AC 220V±10% 50Hz±5% .Power Static state ≤3W, Dynamic time for desk telephone station≤10W, wall mounting telephone station≤25W.
2.3.2 Communication Channel
        + Out up:RMS: 2V (Load impedance 33Ω)
        + Output amplitude limits: RMS: 1.5V (Load impedance 33Ω)
        + Gain: 70dB Adjustable over
        + Frequency response: 250-5500Hz±3dB
        + Distortion degree: ≤5 , 1000Hz
2.3.3 Desk type telephone station boardcasting part
        + Output amplitude: 2W (Load impedance 8Ω)
        + Gain: normality 50dB, The adjustment range (40-68dB)
        + Frequency response: 250-5500Hz±3dB
        + Distortion degree: ≤5 (Test frequency: 1000Hz, Output amplitude: 3W)
        + Input impedance: 50KΩ
        + Output impedance: 8-16Ω
2.3.4 The parts of outdoor wall-mounted telephone station broadcasting.
        + Output amplitude: 15W (load impedance 8Ω / 16Ω);
        + Gain: Normal 58dB, adjustable range (40 ~ 68 dB);
        + Frequency response: 250 ~ 5500Hz ± 1.5dB;
        + Distortion: ≤5% (test frequency: 1000Hz, the output amplitude: 12W);
        + Input impedance: 50KΩ;
        + Output Impedance: 8 ~ 16Ω.
2.4 System transmission distance
        System transmission distance of the system effective transmission distance:26Km.
2.5 The number of channels
        The system has one broadcast channel, Five call channels, you can choose the communication channel by turning the switch of the call station, then up to 3 to 6 simultaneous calls to the user.at the same time.
2.6 Security
2.6.1 Dielectric strength
        Then call station can withstand 50Hz, 1500V AC voltage without breakdown and arcing phenomena
2.6.2 Insulation resistance
        Then call station at room temperature, the insulation resistance of AC power connector to the metal chassis equipment not less than 2MΩ.
2.6.3 Leakage Current
        The leakage current of call station is less than 3.5mA.


Chapter 3 Structure
3.1 Desktop call station
        The call station make up by the desk telephone and power junction boxes, of which the telephone Dimensions: L: 250 (mm), W: 225(mm), H: 115 (mm), the power junction box Dimensions L: 210 (mm),W: 305 (mm), H: 125 (mm), As                   Figure 1.
        The telephone can external connect a 5W speaker if needed.

industrial paging system desktop call station

3.2 Indoor wall mounted telephone
        The call station make up by the indoor wall-mounted telephone and 15W lound speacker, then wall mounted telephone Dimensions: L: 290 (mm), W:185 (mm), H: 118 (mm), As Figure 2.

industrial paging system indoor wall mounted telephpne

3.3 Outdoor wall-mounted telephone station
      Consisted by the indoor wall-mounted telephone,protective box and 15W speaker. Protective box Dimensions: L: 400 (mm), W: 300 (mm),H: 150(mm), Dimensions shown in Figure 3.

industrial paging system outdoor wall mounted telephone station

3.4 Outside line telephone station
3.5 Cable junction box
       We have 3 models,JB-3,JB-1,KNB11,with internal terminal plate,The line has been completed in the internal connection,can be configured according to site requirements,Dimensions shown in Figure 4.

industrial paging system cable junction box

Chapter4 Fitting and Adjustment
       4.1 Installation requirements
       4.1.1 Indoor wall-mounted telephone and Outdoor wall-mounted telephone station The bottom should be 1.25 meters above the ground when installing,connected 15W speakers should be installed 2.5 meters above the ground,shown in Figure 5.

industrial paging system industrial requirements

4.1.2 Outside line telephone station
      Outside line telephone station junction box will be installed in control room be convenient for installation and maintenance.
4.1.3 Earth Wire
      Indoor wall-mounted telephone station,Outdoor wall-mounted telephone station,Power supply wiring box,Cable junction box,the metal shell to be reliably grounded when installing.

4.2 Piping, cable laying
4.2.1To meet the industrial and mining complex, harsh field environments,the cable should be metal piping laying.
4.2.2 System uses special all shielded cable.
4.2.3 To avoid electromagnetic interference, the wiring on the cable channel or cable tray, should avoid high-voltage, high-current, high magnetic field environment. Implementation of the relevant provisions of the communication cabling.
4.2.4 Using metal spring hose to connect cable pipes with terminal

industrial paging system piping cable laying

4.3 system connection
4.3.1 On the cable before terminals work,the core wire which is connected to the same terminal need to be compression joint by Y-shaped terminal or round-shaped terminal to ensure good conductivity properties
4.3.2 Line sequence should be defined before connecting 8 to 14 core cable, to ensure that each terminal are in line with pre- defined easy onsite installation and future maintenance ;
4.3.3 System connection diagram shown in Figure 7 .

industrial paging system connection

4.3.4 All the terminals power ground wire must be connected to the grounding line when connected,as shown in Figure 8

industrial paging system connection to the grounding line

4.3.5 Cable shield electromagnetic interference is mainly used to isolate the site , should be connected in a single- grounded, Figure 9 Figure 9

industrial paging system connection in a single grounded

4.3.6 System configuration diagram, Figure 10

industrial paging system configuration diagram

4.4 Equipment commissioning
4.4.1 Adjustment after installing the desktop phone Main volume adjustment after installing desktop phone Figure 11, which adjust potentiometer clockwise to increase the volume.

industrial paging system equipment commissioning

Chapter 5 The Use and Operation
5.1 Desktop phone and wall-mounted phone
5.1.1 Call Status
     User A calls user B, remove the hanset, the system enters the broadcast call status, then all broadcast channels open, User A’s call can be heard through the speakers.
5.1.2 Call state
     User B hear the broadcast call, remove the handset, then talk with the user A duplex.
5.1.3 Hook state
     After the call, hang up the call two sides, release the occupied channels, and complete the entire operation. The phone possess automatic hang up function, the caller hangs up first, automatically hang up after receiving called hook signal,         the user can also choose set six minutes limit call.
5.1.4 Broadcast volume adjustment
     Control volume buttons on the keyboard '△ ▽' to adjust the volume.
5.2 Other
     The use and installation of explosion-proof phone, wireless phone users,external electrical and other telephone equipment, see the relevant instructions.
5.3 Repair and Maintenance
     To protect the user's safety, please do not open a device cabinet to avoid electric shock, not all components inside the device needs to be maintained.If there is abnormal situation, please contact our company or the agency, we will be happy to serve you.
5.4 Optional phone
     Our company provide a variety of special telephone, customers can choose the appropriate phone according to the actual needs, when there are special needs, you can communicate with us, and customized the phone with corresponding demand, welcome to visit our website http://www.436846.buzz to select all phones.


Explosion-proof phone KNEX1 Firefighting phone KNZD-46 Emergency phoneKNZD-O9A

==>>>> Product Specification

      1. Robust SMC die-cast body, vandal resistant and tamper resistant
      2. Weather resistant to IP66 standard, service temperature range from:-35℃ to +75℃
      3. Magnetic reed hook-switch
      4. Cable line powered. No external power or battery back up required.
      5. Lightening protection to ITU-T recommendation K.21
      6. Handset: made of special SMC, high anti-knock resistance, Weatherproof, armored cable optional,
      7. Hearing Aid compatible receiver
      8. Extension integrity wiring to enable the other station to check if the telephone unit is still operational for Self healthy checking
      9. 7 minutes time out
     10. Easy installation/ replacement

==>>>>Telephone System


==>>>>Product Application

      Popular applications include oil and gas platforms, nuclear power plants,shipbuilding, chemical plants, oil refineries, steel company, subway tunnels,and other large infrastructure projects

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures

==>>>>Product Video
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