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Communication Knowledge

How to choose ip ratings for telephone, IP 66 or IP 67?

We will tell you what is the ratings of protection of the telephone, how to test the ratings of protection of the telephone, how to choose the right ratings of protection telephone.
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How to setup a voip phone

Now, VoIP phones are increasingly popular with homes, industries, offices, and businesses. VoIP phone, the call quality is stable and completely free, the media is rich in functions and easy to manage. How to set up a voip phone? I will tell you one by one.
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Telephone Systems

The telephone system is based on the ip pbx internal private branch exchange to effectively connect all ip phones or ip walkie-talkies to form a communication system.
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voip voice call technology

IP-based voice transmission (English: Voice over Internet Protocol, abbreviated as VoIP) is a voice call technology that uses Internet Protocol (IP) to achieve voice calls and multimedia conferences, that is, communicate via the Internet.
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